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26 Years of Keeping the Dooty Outside
Plexidor® performance pet doors have see-through, shatter resistant composite panels that swing smoothly and quietly both ways. The panels are made from the same type of material as aircraft windshields! The frame is made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum that won't warp or rust. Colors are baked on and extremely durable. The weatherseal on the panels is industrial grade; it provides superior draft-proofing and is ideal for extreme climates.

A Plexidor® performance pet door can be installed in any type of house door or wall. The doors have locks, and separate metal security plates that are easily screwed to the interior frame completely cover the opening. The door itself can only be unscrewed and removed from the inside.


The Plexidor® door units frame out a door that is 1 3/4". This is the standard thickness of a door in the United States and Canada. The frame of the Plexidor TM will protect your pet from the cut-out edges of the door. There is not need to 'frame out' the hole. The Plexidor TM can be installed in any type of house door, wood, steel, fiberglass, hollow core, etc. If you have a french doors consult your local installer to see if they can use your french door or if you will need to install a different door slab.

We can install the Plexidor TM in your existing door or use a new door slab. They can also arrange to have the Plexidor TM installed during home construction. If you have any questions call our office.

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See-thru shatter resistant plexiglass panels
Rigid, high-impact, shatter-resistant panels do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. Panels are insulated, lightly tinted yet see-thru creating a window for your pet.

Highest energy efficiency
Panels are molded to form a “dual thermo-pane” effect for excellent insulation. Both panels are lined on all four sides with snug-fitting high-density nylon pile weather seal to provide superior draft-control. Doors close tight keeping the heating and cooling inside your home. Saves money on your energy bill every month. Ideal for extreme climates.

Secure with cylinder lock and steel security plate
Keeps out unwanted guests. Insert the key to lock or unlock the door. Apply the steel security plate when leaving for an extended period.

Heavy duty hardened aluminum frames
Anodized aluminum interior and exterior frames won’t rust, crack, or warp. Attractive silver finish, baked on white or bronze finish. Extremely durable and look great in your home.

Doors open and close easy
Large and small pets can use the same door. Panels open smoothly with gentle push and close automatically. Heavy duty springs are concealed within the main frame. Doors close quietly without banging. Won’t disturb you or frighten your pet.

Never Buy Replacement Dog Door Flaps Again.
Never buy a replacement dog door flap again. Replacement mud flaps are a waste of time and money.

5 Year Residential Warranty
Plexidor® is covered by a 5 year limited residential warranty. Any defective part will be repaired or replaced without expense including standard shipping service for 5 years from date of purchase. (Labor is not covered)

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
We know you will agree that a Plexidor® Performance Pet Door is the highest quality and best value in a pet door. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return it within 90 days and we will refund the purchase price in full. Shipping charges are not refundable.